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SunbleachedRose Tinted (Single)

3rd December, 2021
Certified Banger!

If Citizen and Smashing Pumpkins had a baby, we reckon it’d sound a whole lot like Sunbleached’s latest effort, Rose Tinted.

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The two-tracker embraces the spirit of the 90s but avoids drowning in a sea of nostalgia with its very 2021 edge. And while it drew us in with its delicate blend of sunshine and sadness, its dreamy melodies, grungy riffs, and ample dose of fuzz is what kept us hooked all the way through.

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What mystifies us is the fact that these two tracks are only Sunbleached’s fourth and fifth offerings to the music world. And aside from how bloody good this project sounds, we reckon it’s also shone a light on the band’s superpower of stopping time. With a whole lot jammed into its six minute-ish run time, and nothing to hide behind, Rose Tinted has commanded every ounce of our attention. And as if by magic, it’s left us feeling as though everything around us was stood still.  

Rose Tinted is Sunbleached firing on all cylinders. We can’t wait to see what they do next. 

Sunbleached’s hard-hitting, heart on the sleeve lyrics (especially strong on the title track) and the extra touches – like those screams on Flowers Grow from Ugly Places are also clear highlights. And all of this is what’s positioned Sunbleached as serious contenders for our favourite Oz act of 2021 crown. Rose Tinted is Sunbleached firing on all cylinders. We can’t wait to see what they do next. 

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