STAND ATLANTIC // Sign to Rude Records Over ‘Coffee at Midnight’

Stand Atlantic

Fans of old-school Tonight Alive, step right up. Rude Records have just unearthed some of the freshest talent in the form of Stand Atlantic, and we guarantee you’re gonna love it.

The Sydney-based trio have been kicking around the local scene for the past few years, but seem set to take things to another level with the backing of their new label whose roster includes the likes of Emery, Knuckle Puck and Zebrahead.

If new single Covefe Coffee At Midnight is anything to go by, they’ve got the tunes to back it up as well.

With a blend of energetic riffs and infectiously catchy hooks, capped off by the admirable vocal abilities of frontwoman Bonnie Fraser, there’s enough here to please the inner pop-punk teen that lives within all of us.

“We feel so lucky to be in the hands of the Rude Records family”, says Fraser.

“They’ve been nothing but supportive and passionate from day one!”

The feeling, it seems, is mutual, with the label noting that “we are stoked and excited to welcome Stand Atlantic to the Rude Records family! They are such talented young and ambitious artists, in addition to being super cool people.”

If you didn’t hear the new single when it premiered on triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud. this week, have a listen below and prepare for it to be stuck in your head all day.

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