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Various ArtistsSpawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair

17th November, 2017
silverchair tribute
Salute to Silverchair

It could be the Anthem For the Year 2017. A bunch of the heaviest names in the Australian music scene have created a tribute album for our country’s most loved band; Silverchair.

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No doubt, a large majority of musicians have been influenced by Silverchair. Having some of the biggest names in Oz rock come together to pay tribute to the legacy, is a marketing genius idea for UNFD. Who doesn’t love Silverchair and who doesn’t want to hear some fresh talent? UNFD tipped ten bands from their label to recreate a collection of Silverchair’s biggest tracks from each of their five studio albums.

There is a variety of metalcore bands such as Void of Vision, The Amity Affliction and Northlane, mixed with punk-rockers like Tonight Alive and Columbus. The ten tracks have been produced faithfully to the originals, with a little heavier hit on the tracks. The title track, Spawn (Again) is recreated by Ocean Grove, who released one of the most popular rock albums this year. The track is executed with epic riffs and a mighty breakdown, replicating the original with justice.

The ten tracks have been produced faithfully to the originals, with a little heavier hit on the tracks.

Freak is another highlight of the album, re-created by In Hearts Wake. The track comes from Silverchair’s second album Freak Show. It has been twenty years since the release of this album, hence the reasoning behind the UNFD tribute. It’s pretty rad, reflecting back on what music has surfaced since it’s original release.

The tribute album takes you on a journey through sequential Silverchair time, from Frogstomp all the way to Young Modern. The tracks bring back memories from their cute little grom days in Newy, through Daniel Johns’ pain-ridden days dealing with arthritis. The tracks cover everything from grunge to modern rock, and in-between.

Producing a compilation of Silverchair’s biggest hits, performed by today’s biggest talent is a promotional success for UNFD. It showcases the bands’ talent and their respect for Australian rock history. A little devvo, there is no I Miss You Love but Silverchair fans should not be hesitant to give this tribute a listen. The offspring have executed a heavy and hard salute to our grunge-gods.

They are the youth, they’ll take your fascism away.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Freak, Cemetery, Ana’s Song, Spawn (Again)
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