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SkywayHope Floats, Love Sinks (EP)

20th November, 2020
Certified Bangers

Let’s go back to 2012. Saturday’s were spent perusing the aisles of Jay Jays for the tightest and brightest jeans they had to offer, Tumblr was awash with gifs of the legendary encounter between Bryan Stars and Never Shout Never and Soundwave Festival was still a thing.

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It was a simpler time, and Skyway’s new EP Hope Floats, Love Sinks has taken us right back to it.

The EP marks the end of the band’s eight-year hiatus and is an absolute throwback, making it a fitting release for the rawring twenties. It kicks off with Above Snakes, an instrumental track that keeps things calm, paving the way for the bounciness that’ll follow.There’s no bells and whistles here. Hope Floats, Love Sinks keeps the melodies simple, delivering the good vibes that only nostalgic pop-punk can.

With fun melodies and anthemic moments at every corner, the EP is a strong return to form for the band.

And while there are definite standout moments (notably Cut The Ties and The Day You Went Away), we guarantee you’ll be finger-pointing your way through the entire EP. Readers who still bump Finders Keepers on the regular are sure to love this EP, and so will fans of early 2000’s acts like Blink-182, Yellowcard and New Found Glory. Hope Floats, Love Sinks doesn’t reinvent the wheel but instead shows the power of nostalgia. With fun melodies and anthemic moments at every corner, the EP is a strong return to form for the band. We suggest you dig through your wardrobe and pull out those old skinny jeans because Skyway is back!

STANDOUT TRACKS: Cut The Ties, Heart Anchor, The Day You Went Away
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Blink-182, Yellowcard, New Found Glory

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