SILVERSTEIN/COMEBACK KID // Kick Melbourne In The Feels Midweek

SILVERSTEIN/COMBACK KID w/Belle Haven & Earth Caller
170 Russell, Melbourne
Wednesday, 16th May 2018

Kicking off their 2018 Australian Tour on Monday in Perth, Canadian rockers Silverstein and Comeback Kid graced Melbourne’s 170 Russell last night. Also welcoming main Australian tour support Belle Haven and locals Earth Caller to the stage.

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Warming the venue up Melbourne’s own Earth Caller delivered a tight, aggressive and well prepared set. Despite some early technical difficulties the band sailed through as professionally and quickly as possible, preparing the crowd for the storm ahead.

Earth Caller // By Nick Tucker

Next up was Belle Haven, also Melbourne based, but joining the line-up for the rest of the tours Australian dates; introduced the crowd to their own unique brand of chaos with a strobe-tastic light show to match! In fact, probably the most impressive lighting displays of the night. The boys seemed absolutely gob-smacked to be a part of the tour and looked like they were having the time of their lives! Keeping the die-hard fans happy in the front Belle Haven played a set of mostly new-material from their recent album ‘You, Me And Everything In Between’ commanding a sizeable unit of dedicated fans with fists in the air and crowd chants, especially during set closing track Burn The Witch.

Belle Haven // By Nick Tucker

Quickly following, Canadian punk/hardcore outfit Comeback Kid exploded on the stage! They hit the crowed with what we can only describe as a punk-rock kick to the face from the start to the finish of their set. Comeback Kid’s set was an absolute barrage of intense punk-drumming, blaring hardcore guitar riffs and full throttle aggressive vocals with barely a moment to breath even between songs. Everyone was completely floored when the entire band execute the first of many group vocal one liners during Surrender Control. Two songs in and Comeback Kid pretty much had everyone wanting to run down to join the circle pit!

Comeback Kid // By Nick Tucker

“Melbourne I want you to bounce with us, if you have bad knees… Work it out!” shouted vocalist Andrew Neufeld, breaking the whole venue into laughter while simultaneously inspiring the crowd into a frenzy for the final few songs of their set, also featuring a guest vocal spot from Josh Collard of Earth Caller. Honestly, Comeback Kid’s set was so intense, the show could have ended right here and everyone would have felt like they got their money’s worth. Congratulations Comeback Kid, you just completely dominated this venue tonight!

Comeback Kid // By Nick Tucker

The house music faded, the lights went down and Silverstein walked out over their set intro drowned out by a sold out venue of screaming fans. Great riffs and excellent sing along choruses sprinkled with intense heavy sections. It does blend together a little, but at no point does it ever feel repetitive or old. It’s hard to remember exactly which songs were your favourite, but once you hear them it all comes flooding back and you can’t help but to sing along.

Comeback Kid // By Nick Tucker

Delivering a comfortable mix of old and new material early on, Silverstein made sure to keep the energy just as high as the acts that came before them. Vocalist Shane Told admitting a deep admiration for the Silverstein’s Australian fan base; seemed very appreciative to be here in Australia once more. “Whenever we come here, we’ll always play the old shit too” shouted Shane, reminding the crowd that they’re just as loyal to their fans that have been there since the beginning as they are the new ones.

Silverstein // By Nick Tucker

Mid-set Silverstein slowed things down with a short acoustic song. Placing lead-guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau in the spotlight on vocals and closing this short break with a half acoustic ballad of My Heroine where Shane was forced to just stare in awe mid-song as the crowd filled in every word before the rest of the band joined him back on stage to finish off the song “That’s it, that was your break, that’s all you get” yelled Shane before announcing the bands final two songs for the night. After which we immediately spotted at least five bodies launch themselves into the air and over the crowd towards the front barrier.

Silverstein // By Nick Tucker

Commanding the crowd in one more massive sing-along Silverstein left the stage to the sound of amp feedback and a cheering crowd not ready for the night to end. “One more song, one more song” the chant begun … But will there be one more song? Of course there’ll be one more song. In fact, two more songs! Closing the night with power-pop anthem The Afterglow Silverstein departed the stage for good this time leaving us all with a night to remember.

If you already have your tickets for another date on this tour you’re in for a treat! But if you’ve been sitting on it, then stop thinking and grab one right away! Silverstein, Comeback Kid and the supports have put together an unforgettable night for both long-time fans and newcomers alike!

Catch Silverstein & Comeback Kid at the remaining dates of their Australian/New Zealand tour:

Friday 18 May // Manning Bar // Sydney (18+)
Saturday 19 May // Cambridge Hotel // Newcastle (18+)
Sunday 20 May // The Triffid // Brisbane (Lic/AA)
Tuesday 22 May // Whammy // Auckland (18+)
Wednesday 23 May // Valhalla // Wellington (18+)

Tickets available here.

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