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Even with the re-emergence of nü metal sweeping through our nation, Druid have always marked themselves as somewhat of an anomaly.

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Since releasing their debut EP in 2019 and then a stack of singles, Druid has cemented themselves in the Australian heavy scene, sharing the stage with the likes of Void Of Vision, Alpha Wolf, The Beautiful Monument, Suspryia, Earthcaller, Lune, Diamond Construct, and many more. But as the release of their latest single, HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE) indicates, Druid aren’t trying to lean into the same sound as their peers.

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Packaged in Druid’s unflinching rap/metal style, the group’s volatile new track sees an exploration of mental health issues and the inner struggles that come with them.

As a reflection of Jordan Williams’–Druid’s co-lead vocalist–own experiences with depression and other mental health issues, HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE) aligns it’s dark themes alongside an intense and cathartic composition, tied together with lacerating riffs and unrelenting breakdowns.

But it’s not just the song’s lyrics that tackle the topic of depression, with its manic shifts between rigid highs and hammering lows musically resembling that kaleidoscopic rollercoaster of emotions that one feels when experiencing a mental health episode.

Paired alongside Williams’ hostile vocal delivery, HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE) bears itself as a brutally honest representation of the weight and pressure that come with such struggles—adding to the purging, fiery feel of the track.

With its powerful and honest lyrics, volatile vocals, and explosive energy, this track is a must-hear for fans of heavy music.

Druid release HANG IN THERE (IT GETS WORSE) on Friday, May 12.

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