NO FUN AT ALL // Swedish Punk-Rock Outfit Announce New Album ‘Grit’

The legendary punk band from Sweden No Fun At All have announced their comeback album to be released through Bird Attack Records on April 13.

This new release sees the first new material from the band since 2008’s Lowrider, and the first with their new line-up.

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Having formed in 1991, the Swedish punk rockers quickly became a household name in the European punk scene, alongside acts such as Millencollin and Satanic Surfers.

After the release of 1994’s No Strait Angles they embarked on a global headlining tour. This was followed by 1995’s Out Of Bounds, and 1997’s The Big Knockover, and State of Flow in 2000, after which they called it a day, in 2001.

Since 2004, they have performed some reunion gigs, which continued until 2012. As of May 2013 however, touring resumed.

Their newest album has seen a line-up change after two long-time members, Henrik Sunvisson and Jimie Olleson, deciding to call it quits, leaving empty positions in the band. No Fun At All recruited Stefan Bratt of Atlas Losing Grip and Fredrik Eriksson of Twopointeight and jumped into the studio with newfound enthusiasm.

After working with Marthias Färm of Millencollin, the band feels ready to make its triumphant comeback.

The new album comes alongside an announcement of European tour dates.

No Fun At All’s new album Grit is available to pre-order through Bird Attack Records here

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