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MILLENCOLIN // SOS! Millencolin are Coming Back Down Under

Millencolin sure have been around the globe a few times. With their ninth studio album out now, the band’s journey is still well underway.

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In anticipation of their upcoming international tour supporting the release of SOS, guitarist Mathias Färm speaks about what inspired their 2019 album and what we can anticipate at their gigs.

“I guess when we started the band it was a lot more about having fun. Everything is about having fun these days too, but I guess we were more interested in writing about … y’know, skateboarding or y’know … going to the beach and stuff like that, but I guess nowadays you get more, I mean, the way the world is going these days. There’s a lot of bullshitting and thinking and stuff on social media. I guess we write about stuff that reflects what we’re thinking; about what’s going on in our lives. I guess maybe these days it’s more important to write lyrics and songs the way we’ve done them before. Our goal with this is not to preach to people about what they should think, it’s more about how to get people to actually think. That’s what it’s all about; their own situation and to think about what’s going on.”

“People are scared of changes and other cultures and sometimes it makes me sick that people can’t be smarter than that because y’know, people are talking about people that have really bad life situations but they don’t really know these people that have these bad lives, they just hear about it… so it’s just rumours and bullshit. In a way, fake news … and that sometimes makes me wanna write a song. It’s basically just our thoughts about it, how we see and it’s important to also understand that other people speak out in a different way and you can’t really judge them for that, it’s their right to think in a different way than I do, y’know.”

It’s just a little bit scary how people are reading stuff and they just accept everything and think it’s true but, I mean, there’s a lot of lies and y’know, false stuff, but some people don’t really take the time to investigate it.

Throughout their chockablock history, we’ve been able to listen to the four-piece grow into themselves and their music; 27 years worth of touring and production is a considerable legacy. In many ways, the world back then is unrecognisable from today, as Färm says.

“(SOS) it’s like the sequel to the last album (True Brew), in a way. I mean everything is changing, it goes around in circles and now we’re at a stage that it’s… it was similar back in ’91 in Sweden and ’92 as it is nowadays, so it’s going around in a full circle and we’ll probably do the same again. It’s just a little bit scary how people are reading stuff and they just accept everything and think it’s true but, I mean, there’s a lot of lies and y’know, false stuff, but some people don’t really take the time to investigate it.”

Kicking off their huge international tour in Australia this March, Millencolin will hit our shores with a setlist fulla’ bangers as Färm says, “We’ll probably play around 24 to 25 songs live, probably four new songs. When the album is brand new and you’re playing the first show and the album has probably just been out for a week or two, we know that it’s not a good idea to play ten new songs and that it’s better to mix it up. The songs from the album before this, True Brew, are more like classics nowadays so we can play more of that stuff amongst the older stuff; it’s a good mix but it’s also hard to choose songs because we have a lot of them, nine albums is a lot of songs, and with only 20 to choose from!”

Once you’ve gotten your mitts on the release of SOS this Thursday, grab yourself one of their new skate decks which “probably” will be available at the rock show; cause we both know how good it’ll look hanging above that spinning record.

Catch Millencolin with special guests Goldfinger at the following dates:

Saturday 2 March // Metropolis // Fremantle (18+) w/ Dan Cribb & the Isolated
Monday 4 March // HQ Complex // Adelaide (18+) w/ The Lizards
Tuesday 5 March // 170 Russell // Melbourne (18+) w/ The Lazy Susans
Wednesday 6 March // 170 Russell // Melbourne (18+) w/ The Lazy Susans (SOLD OUT)
Friday 8 March // Roundhouse // Sydney (Lic A/A) w/Beerwolf
Saturday 9 March // The Valley Drive In // Brisbane (18+) w/ Being Jane Lane (SOLD OUT)
Sunday 10 March // Soundlounge // Gold Coast (18+) w/ Being Jane Lane (SOLD OUT)

Limited tickets available here.

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