Lovebites Hysteria
Lovebites Hysteria

LovebitesClockwork Immortality

Arising Empire
7th December, 2018
Excitingly inspiring

Clockwork Immortality is the second full length album from Tokyo-based power metal group Lovebites. This all-female five piece has experienced a meteoric rise to prominence as one of the most exciting new bands in power metal.

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After forming only in 2016, they unveiled a rapid succession of releases, beginning with their 2017 debut EP The Lovebites EP shortly followed by Awakening from Abyss, their debut full-length album. Lovebites have returned not long after this year’s EP Battle Against Damnation, with Clockwork Immortality, an album that develops their sound by bringing the profound elements of their recent EP to the speed and attitude of Awakening From Abyss.

In general, Clockwork Immortality represents another step closer to Lovebites finding its unique blend power metal.

Clockwork Immortality announces from its beginning that Lovebites have embraced the full dimensions of power metal. The first track Addicted opens with skilful acoustic classical guitar, to give way to an epic track that swells across its duration. The guitars of Midori and Miyako have a really tangible, vintage rock style tone that really carries a lot of emotion in the soloing. In keeping with the subgenre’s generally empowering sentiment, Addicted, and, symphonically infused track Rising are driven by positive, uplifting messages. Lovebites has swiftly become known for their melodic impact, and Clockwork Immortality has its share of instantly memorable clean vocal melodies, delivered by Asami. Her vocal performance is strong overall, but in tracks such as Pledge of the Saviour, her delivery is powerful and inspiring.

Clockwork Immortality has a handful of slightly heavier tracks, such as Mastermind 01 and M.D.O., channelling the band’s American early-80s heavy metal influences, which situate Lovebites in an interesting combination of European-inspired power metal and hints of early thrash, with symphonic strains. These influences come together in the most convincing way in Rising, and We Are United, which contains some very noteworthy guitar work from Miyako and Midori. This guitar duo is vibrant and one to watch.

In general, Clockwork Immortality represents another step closer to Lovebites finding its unique blend power metal, with a range of stylistic strengths at the core of the various tracks. Until Lovebites does find this elusive formula, the journey is more than half the fun; the songs are engaging, inventive, and excitingly inspiring.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Pledge Of The Saviour, Rising, We The United
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