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LOSER // Songs For Slacking Off Over

No L-shapes on your forehead here folks, Melbourne’s LOSER will be filling our ear-holes with gauzy, laid-back grunge this summer with debut Mindless Joy due on Valentine’s Day.

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One of the 613’s scene supergroups comprising Tim Maxwell (Apart From This, Grim Rhythm), Chris Cowburn (The Smith Street Band), Craig Selak (The Bennies), Will Maxwell, and Jake Farrugia (the latter two also in Apart from This) were snapped up quick by James Tidswell’s (Violent Soho) Domestic La La label in 2018, releasing critically acclaimed EP Restless Noise. With choice appearances at Til The Wheels Fall Off Festival and BIGSOUND plus a wave goodbye to 2019 supporting Ruby Fields, we got in the minds of these not-not-winners to figure out just how they craft their ooze-on-to-the-floor, slacker-inspired sounds.

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Craig Selak (Bass)

Blind MelonDrive

This song has a super chill southern rock twang before it builds to a psychedelic crescendo. There’s subtle brilliance in the lyrics and a bass line that defines classy arrangement.

Dream TheaterThe Glass Prison

TGP takes you on a journey inside the mind of addiction. It also happens to be a prog masterpiece. Listening to this song makes me want to go home and practice playing bass.

The CarsLet’s Go

One of my favourite choruses of all time. I love the vocal phrasing in the verses and the driving bassline. RIP Ric Ocasek.

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Tim Maxwell (Vocals/Guitar)


Probably my favourite song that has been released this year, the tension that builds into the double chorus gives me chills every time. I cannot wait to hear what the album has in store.

Liam GallagherOnce

Liam is fucking back, this is a bonafide tune! It has all of the elements to a mad Oasis ballad yet maintains a fresh feel and dynamic. As you were TM xx

Violent Soho Vacation Forever

It feels so good to have Soho back, this tune incorporates all of the elements that makes Violent Soho shine. Also stinging to see where this next album goes! Check this track out if you haven’t already.

Will Maxwell (Guitar)

The BeatlesHappiness Is A Warm Gun

From one of the best bands to exist, this songs explores so many different genres and the musicality is so beautiful.

Title FightLefty

This song is so sad. Love cranking this one when my head’s all over the place. Crank it!

The HauntedAbysmal

It’s so aggressively melodic and you can’t help but bang your head. The lyrics give me the chills.

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CUTTER (Jake Farrugia, Guitar)

WingsBand on the Run

The Beatles are so inspiring to the whole band, the start of the song how its so fucken mellow, chill and breaks into this whole euphoric road trip thing.

Twin PeaksUnfamiliar Sun

Because that whole band are all great songwriters and they share the entire album between songwriters and it’s great to listen to.

Lynyrd SkynyrdThat Smell

It’s such a stanky riff at the start, so rockin. The underlying message about the pitfalls of rock n roll lifestyle is spot on. Oooo that smell.

Chris Cowburn (Drums)

Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersWalls (Circus)

Tom Petty is the master of the opening line on an album. This album flew under the radar and nobody knows about it. But it rules and everybody should.

Bon IverHey, Ma

The doyen of creativity gets a bunch of people in the room and creates until something magic happens. Catchiest chorus of 2019.

Grim RhythmHeavy Motel

Off beat hi-hat shuffle drums vs madness = genius. Turns into dueling guitar-mony odyssey. Best listened to while tripping.

Pre-order Mindless Joy here.

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