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Kristofer Dommin & The OztonesChasing Yesterday

3rd September, 2021
Certified Banger!

When you consider the fact that Kristofer Dommin was raised in Los Angeles, the celebration of Americana in Chasing Yesterday makes a whole lot of sense.

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It’s a style that works incredibly well for the crooner, backed by the trio of The Oztones.

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But that’s not all the track offers. Chasing Yesterday layers in blues and rockabilly elements and creates a 1950s style universe. Whilst most of us may never have experienced that world, the track will have you envisioning retro diners and slicked back greaser hairdos. Then there are Dommin’s richly textured vocals, evidently influenced by legends like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. There’s an almost whiskey-soaked, Southern quality to them, and it adds dimension to the track.

Chasing Yesterday is a wonderful snapshot of a time so often forgotten. Play it loud, you cool cats!

The group co-wrote the song with Tomo Miličević, formerly of 30 Seconds To Mars. And lyrically, Chasing Yesterday offers up a more contemporary viewpoint. It’s a song about stepping into the future, despite what obstacles and challenges may surround you. It’s a heartwarming message for the rona era and one that will undoubtedly motivate listeners everywhere. All in all, Chasing Yesterday is a wonderful snapshot of a time so often forgotten. Play it loud, you cool cats!

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