INFANT ANNIHILATOR // Is The Best Deathcore Band You’re Not Listening To

Made up of only three dudes, technical/deathcore ‘internet band’ Infant Annihilator are living proof that the internet has birthed some weirdly amazing shit.

Formed by guitarist/former vocalist Eddie Picker and drummer Aaron Kitcher, the pair recorded their parts from the US and the UK respectively. Maybe you’ve heard of their work in Black Tongue who were last here in Australia with Make Them Suffer on their Old Souls tour.

But we’re here to talk about Infant Annihilator. Political Correctness? Infant Annihilator throw it on the road, film cars driving over it, and pleasure themselves while watching it on repeat. This isn’t a band to even remotely attempt to show anyone without a sense of black humour. Track names like Soil The Stillborn are the norm, and if anyone manages to count their mention of rape (newborn or otherwise), we’ll owe them a Coke. But heading back to why they’ve managed to be heard so far around the world, it’s all down to their breakout single Decapitation Fornication. Mainly because the track is insane, but the band also decided to make an incredibly juvenile low budget video in the forest. They’ve upped the ante with Motherless Miscarriage, which has far too much fake semen and naked dudes to be termed acceptable in anything but a European bath house. If lotion ‘cumshots’ synced with subterranean breakdowns isn’t your type of humour/music taste, then we’ve probably established this isn’t the article for you.

Clearly there’s no egos here. Surprisingly enough, there’s a legitimate storyline that they first began on their debut The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution. It follows a furious retelling of the Catholic church’s most fucked (fictional) practises. Not only is literally every priest in the world a paedophile, the goddamned pope is the one who’s orchestrating it all. However, they’ve heard Christ is going to be reborn, and he’s probably not going to be into their whole sexual abuse plan. So what’s the solution? Order the murder of every child under two years old, plus all pregnant mothers just in case. All the nuns? They’re raped, their children are raped, and then disposed of in a crypt beneath the vatican. All the while, the Pope attempts to re-write history by becoming the only ruler in the entire world for a nefarious purpose revealed only at the close of their debut. We warned you it wasn’t going to be pleasant. But the story is so unique and shocking, it’s one of the most original works in the past few years. Reading the lyrics is sickening, but the fact that at least SOME of this has happened/is happening now makes it a real retch-fest. The horrors conjured up by these two random guys from opposite sides of the Earth could be classed as a legitimate miracle. No one else is even remotely attempting to make this kind of thing work, but Infant Annihilator have somehow stretched it to two albums.

It’s nowhere near getting old either. Their first album can drag on in points, because there’s only so many double kicks we can take in a single setting. It’s doubtful they have a publicist with the pummeling listeners will receive. Plus how the hell are you supposed to put the song title Motherless Miscarriage in a press release, let alone Cuntcrusher or Newborn Porn? It’s all still going on their latest release too. Their upcoming album The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch has thrown the script out the window. They’ve added vocalist Dickie Allen to the mix who manages to slot in perfectly, which is a mean feat considering how blistering the vocals get at time. There’s a few more bass pops, atmospheric guitar breaks and a whole new storyline to be shocked by. Want to know the full back-story of The Child Rape Syndicate? Behold The Kingdom of the Wretched Undying has the answers you need. Features from vocalists like Chris Whited (Lost Fortune) and Tyler Shelton (Traitors) are cruelly short throughout the record; an unfortunate side effect of being a completely fucked up deathcore act. There’s even an 18 minute epic thrown into the mix. We won’t ruin too much else from the new record because half the fun is seeing just how insane the lyrics/instruments get. Make sure to support them by grabbing the record because we sure as hell need more people unafraid to challenge the status quo in deathcore.

The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch is streaming on YouTube now, and is available on iTunes, Google Play and IndieMerch.

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