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HATEBREED // A Quarter Century In The Game And Hatebreed Are Still Redefining Modern Day Hardcore

“I wasn’t in the band at that point. I had been when we started and then I left for a long time and came back so I was kind of on the outside watching all that happen.”

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“I remember watching ‘xXx’ and not knowing the song was in there and all of a sudden he starts snowboarding down the mountain while I Will Be Heard is playing and it was the most amazing thing to see.”

killer be killed hysteria

With 25 years under their belt, Hatebreed are one of the defining acts of modern day American hardcore. First gaining attention in the early 2000’s, the group attained immediate popularity due to their consistent use in film soundtracks.

“I think all of those soundtracks the band was in really helped, as did Ozzfest, that definitely helped a lot with big tours,” reflects the groups founding guitarist Wayne Lozinak.

“Jamie becoming the host of MTV’s Headbangers Ball back in the early 2000’s was another thing. I think all of that combined and just touring relentlessly all really shaped the band’s success.”

When deliberating whether the old school channels of success outweigh the merits of the streaming age, Lozinak thoughtfully responded;

“It’s so different now. I think when you used to sit on your couch and turn on the TV it just seemed bigger. Everything seemed bigger when it made it to TV and now with anyone being able to be on Youtube it doesn’t feel the same. Even just going through the record store and looking at the covers, now it’s all at your fingers.”

Plus everyone’s a critic now. All you need is one comment criticising and now everyone goes ‘oh yeah, you’re totally right.
[ Wayne Lozinak ]

“Plus everyone’s a critic now. All you need is one comment criticising and now everyone goes ‘oh yeah, you’re totally right.”

Whilst this statement couldn’t be more true, luckily Hatebreed seem to constantly evade the era of online criticism. Instead, the group’s song with the highest online stream count is actually from 2016.

Looking Down The Barrel is one of our highest streamed songs ever and that’s off The Concrete Confessional”, laughs Lozinak, “I love that people seem to be requesting newer material and it’s not just all these nostalgic people wanting us to play our first album. It’s definitely appreciative that people want to hear the new stuff. It’s great to know we are still a current band and not a novelty that people go to see purely to revisit their youth.”

With the groups 8th studio album, Weight Of The False Self having it’s release pushed back from the beginning of the year, Wayne is incredibly excited for when audiences can finally hear it.

“It’s been a year since we started doing these songs and having first heard the finished product in January I’ve just been waiting patiently to show people.”

“Every release is always something to look forward to. We still have the basic formula that we have always had. We do try to push it to the next level without changing it too much. “There are some more technical metal parts and some more guitar solos on this album which I’m happy about because we aren’t known for solo’s so I’m always happy to play them”

“We started the album last November and we were pretty much finished by January so it was all done before Covid. We were meant to be touring in March with the album coming out in May and they got postponed so I’m just happy that the album is actually coming out this year because I wasn’t sure that would happen.”

Unfortunately all of Hatebreed’s shows for 2020 have been cancelled or rescheduled, including Parkway Drive’s massive Viva The Underdogs tour which featured Hatebreed as support. Now rescheduled for 2021, fans have a long wait until they can witness the new material live. But, for now we can wallow in excitement for what’s to come.

“We have never toured with Parkway but we have definitely done some shows with them.”

“I remember a long time ago this small club we played at somewhere in eastern Europe and they opened for us. At that time I’d heard their name but didn’t know that much about them. Then a couple of years later they have this huge live production setup with pyro and people spinning around, it’s crazy how much they have grown.”

Purchase & stream Hatebreed’s Weight Of The False Self here.

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