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14th October, 2022
halloween ends hysteria
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Halloween Ends is the final chapter in the film trilogy directed by David Gordon Green, while the film was somewhat contentious amongst fans the soundtrack is anything but.

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Halloween Ends sees the return of composer and original Halloween director John Carpenter alongside his son Cody Carpenter and composer Daniel Davies, the trio manage to produce an engaging and fitting conclusion to the current Halloween series.

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John Carpenter is an absolute treasure, we don’t deserve him, when he releases a new soundtrack, it is our civic duty to stand up and listen. Having pretty much retired from filmmaking Carpenter now tours and makes music with his son Cody Carpenter, performing live shows and composing. Carpenter and his team have produced all three soundtracks to the modern Halloween trilogy with the music recorded entirely at Carpenter’s home studio; the results have been absolutely stellar.

Halloween Ends is a must for Carpenter fans and fans of synth and guitar-based film scores.

The Halloween Ends soundtrack is a mix of vintage analogue equipment, live instrumentation and synths providing the unmistakable sound of a modern Carpenter score heavy on evil guitar riffage amongst the synth and dread. The track Laurie’s Theme Ends is an absolute banger sitting nicely alongside reimagined versions of the traditional Halloween theme. The album has a wide variety of material from the ominous to the more pulsating tracks such as The Junkyard that features some killer guitar riffs alongside the atmospheric Carpenter haze. In contrast Cherry Blossoms is a complete departure from what you would expect in a Halloween film but is effective in providing a conclusion to the latest Halloween saga. Halloween Ends is a must for Carpenter fans and fans of synth and guitar-based film scores. Carpenter is a once in a lifetime talent, a living legend still entertaining us after all these years.

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