Falling in ReverseComing Home

7th April, 2017
Falling in reverse coming home

Title track Coming Home opens the album with an atmosphere so epic it would make Homer (the dead Greek guy, not the balding cartoon idiot) blush. What begins as a delicate drip of keys builds into a droney quake, which becomes a rock bed for a chorus so vast and expansive, it has its own gravitational pull.

The song climaxes with a sudden silence, not unlike the vacuum that is endless space. Falling In Reverse isn’t so much arriving, as we are departing the stratosphere with them.

Beaming you upwards with an explosion of guitar, drums and synth, Broken clears the way for Ronnie Radke’s trademark rapid fire, raspy vocals, which forms the exoskeleton of the self-deprecating, yet cathartic Loser, a song containing the first known sighting of the shredcore Falling In Reverse we’ve encountered on previous albums.

Launching with the lyric This’ll be the last song I ever sing/about a person that I’d rather not name, Fuck You And All Your Friends is another hark back to the Falling In Reverse of albums past. Featuring plenty of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and a clearly overt message of ‘Fuck you’ the song is a safety line for fans concerned that Falling In Reverse has forgotten how to have fun. (Nb. They haven’t.)

Falling In Reverse isn’t so much arriving, as we are departing the stratosphere with them.

I Hate Everyone is as close to a ballad as Falling In Reverse might ever get with I’m Bad At Life sustaining the down-tempo movement on the album, but only for a moment longer. By Hanging On, the pace is once again set to warp speed tinged with a pop-punk temperament.

The Departure acts as a UFO on the album, in other words, a complete anomaly. Reminiscent of ’90s rock trailblazers Placebo or Silversun Pickups, The Departure, by name and nature is an interesting peek under the hood of Falling In Reverse and could very well indicate the next direction for the band.

Described by Radke as the “B-sides” album closers Right Now and Paparazzi are further safety lines for long-time fans. Straight up fun and cheeky, the tracks are a stark comparison to their newfound sense of direction and purpose; a reminder of just how much Falling In Reverse have grown and how far they’ve come between releases; i.e. we can measure it in parsecs. It’s safe to say Coming Home is light years removed from even the most intrepid album from Falling In Reverse.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Coming Home, Fuck You And all Your Friends, The Departure
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Bowling For Soup, I See Stars, Escape The Fate

Coming Home is out today through Epitaph.

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