EngulfGold And Rust

Everlasting Spew Records
13th July, 2018
Chaotically heavy

A strong shot of fantasy death metal Gold And Rust is the second in a trilogy of short and sharp EPs from Engulf, the one-man death metal force Hal Microutsicos.

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Emerging from New Jersey, Engulf released the first tantalising taste of his fantasy-narrative death metal Subsumed Atrocities in late 2017. For a relatively short three-track EP, Gold And Rust has a lot of character.

Engaging, textured compositions are matched by Microutsicos’ impressive instrumentation. Maul Master opens this new chapter with screaming energy and edgy pinch harmonics before sliding seamlessly into a powerful mid pace section, and back into a chaotically heavy sequence of phenomenal guitar work.

Engulf demonstrates some really interesting composition achievements.

Microutsicos’ vocals are well articulated, if a bit overshadowed by the thick overall sound of this track. The drums are done well, if noticeably programmed. Engulf demonstrates some really interesting composition achievements. The second track Misshapen Abomination razes in with a strong combination of frenetic, yet unnervingly level kind of groove, riddled with destabilising harmonics.

Sovereign of the Seven Underworlds is the flagship song on Gold And Rust. By far the strongest vocal performance on the EP, this track has sturdy death metal riffs dusted with a blackened layer, rendering the voluminous sound a ghoulishly unsettled heaviness. At the conclusion of this third track, however, there is no closure. It ends on a cliffhanger, and feels incomplete but certainly leaves the door wide open for the third and final EP.

Overall Gold And Rust is an exciting little EP and a worthy second instalment of the trilogy and an intriguing one-man fantasy death metal project that lures the listener in.

STANDOUT TRACK: Sovereign of the Seven Underworlds
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