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DayseekerDark Sun

Spinefarm Records
4th November, 2022
Certified Bangers!

Dayseeker have long been the poster boys for heavy music with a whole lot of heart.

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And with their latest record, Dark Sun, they’ve proven just how deserving they are of that title. 

A focus on heartache and vulnerability makes LP5 a must-listen. It’s emotional, offering up an intimate view of frontman Rory Rodriguez’s personal life. There are tracks about the passing of his father (see: Parallel) and others on the dissolution of past relationships (see: Without Me). There are also ones like Afterglow (Hazel’s Song), which shine a light on his connection with his daughter and the struggle of being separated by the road. Sonically, Dark Sun continues the legacy of their last record, Sleeptalk. Instead of mechanical, mind-numbing core, it embraces synthwave and a sense of duality. There are still the hallmarks of the genre, like harsh vocals and cleans. But there are also breakdowns and orchestral sections. And heavier harmonies blended with more ethereal ones. 

Dayseeker have broken free from the shackles of pain, creating something everlasting.

And while the opening run of Dream State, Neon Grave and Without Me cemented our love for Dark Sun, it really has no off moments. Each track plays its part and builds on the ambience of the record while also telling Rodriguez’s story. It’s powerful stuff and a sign of just how talented the band are. Tight production courtesy of Daniel Braunstein and mixing from Henrik Udd have also elevated the LP, bringing that same epicness presented on their works with current hotshots Spiritbox, Volumes, Architects and Bring Me The HorizonUltimately, this is a record that pushes the boundaries while pushing the post-hardcore genre forward. Dayseeker have broken free from the shackles of pain, creating something everlasting.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Dream State, Neon Grave, Without Me
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