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BODY PRISON // Unleash Debut LP ‘Until Madness’

Melbourne deathcore splatter fanatics Body Prison have unleashed their much anticipated debut LP Until Madness, out now on Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club records.

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The Melbourne “supergroup” contains members of To The Grave, Zeolite, Suldusk, and Myriad Drone and in a few short months they’ve garnered much acclaim, including a spot on Spotify’s vaunted ‘Homegrown and Heavy’ playlist. The album was produced, mixed, and engineered by guitarist Tom Cadden at Violent Sound. Its splattery artwork was brought to life by Hokowithu Sciascia.

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“Prepare to be engulfed in a barrage of bone-crushing riffs, relentless blast beats, and guttural vocals that will leave you gasping for breath. Until Madness is a symphony of chaos and despair, a journey through the darkest corners of the human psyche,” the band wrote in a statement. “[V]ocalist Daniel Macdonald’s lyrical themes delve into the struggles of the human mind, exploring the boundaries of sanity and the relentless pursuit of catharsis.”

Their splattery platter contains the singles that set the scene ablaze: Shadows Can’t Complain, Rumination, Dogma, and Past Life; the latter of which we said was “yet another way that Body Prison separate themselves from the pack, with the group’s debut singles instilling why the Melbourne up-comers are already on track to redefine the sound of Australian deathcore.” Wall of Sound said the album is “an incredibly solid foundation that will help Body Prison define the future of Australian deathcore.”

Label Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club agrees, saying “this album will sit on top of the AVVC ladder for the heaviest and most crushing release so far.” The disc also offers a cover of Death Grips No Love and four remixes of album tracks by experimental producer Aill.

As well as being available via the usual digital outlets, the band have also moved mountains to offer the album on vinyl, cassette, plus bundles including T-shirts and test pressings. Each coloured LP variant is strictly limited and now available for pre-order.

The band will also be supporting fellow deathcore bretheren Starve at their live music video recording show at Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne on Friday 25th of November. They’ll be playing alongside Fever Shack and Slim Krusty.

Body Prison is Daniel Macdonald, Tom Cadden, NJ Vanvidler, and Frankie Demuru.

Tickets to the show are available now through Oztix.

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BODY PRISON – Until Madness

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  1. Induction
  2. Dogma
  3. Shadows Can’t Complain
  4. Past Life
  5. Until Madness (Do Us Part)
  6. Rumination
  7. Tunnel Vision
  8. Waste Of Skin
  9. No Love (Death Grips Cover)
  10. Dysmorphia
  11. Dogma (Remix)
  12. Past Life (Remix)
  13. Dysmorphia (Remix)
  14. Shadows Can’t Complain (Remix)

Vinyl variants available at Anti Anti Vinyl Club

Cassettes available at Anti Anti Vinyl Club

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