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#THISWEEK // Our Top Ten Stories — 14th July 2017

Winter, it’s a hassle. Do I wear a big ole coat to the venue? Or do I shiver though the trip, knowing I’ll be sweating balls come mosh time? I don’t believe perspiration and frostbitten winds mean instant headcold. You probably need to drink more orange juice. Preferably with vodka in. Did you miss these bangers this week? Well stop kicking yourself, it’s time for the TOP TEN!!!

We Go Behind the Scenes of The Amity Affliction’s Can’t Feel My Face Video – Pop Goes Punk

G-g-g-GHOSTS! Well, more The Walking Dead. It’s fun, it’s catchy, it’s UNDEAD!

Everything You Need To Know About Lairapalooza

But were too afraid to ask. GET IN THE PIT, POSER

Lady Velvet With That Slow, Devil Electric Style

A new religion that’ll bring you to your knees. Our premiere of the rocker’s new single

Ex-QOTSA and Cro-Mags Dudes Form Bloodclot, Destroy Posers

You wouldn’ta thunk it, but it’s brutal ish from these blokes

Hard Noise Episode 24 with Alpha Wolf

With support from Fever Speak and the show stealing maniac, RIZZA!

Falling In Reverse Rips Off Pays Homage To Stranger Things in Superhero Video

This ignited intense debate in the Hysty office – is frontman Ronnie Radke alt-rock’s Chris Brown? This video is kind of rad, though

Watch The Beautiful Monument’s Sins

It’s…a garden of unearthly delights. Catch ’em on tour with Tonight Alive, natch!

Fall Out Boy Announce Mania Tour, Induce Mania

I feel this calls for a “Yaas, Kween”

In Hearts Wake Punch Poseidon In The Face

Not very social justice of them, but he definitely felt it

Alpha Wolf Give 110% on Mono: Interview

Our in-depth gab with Melb metalcore’s soon to be conquerors

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