#THISWEEK // Our Top Ten Stories — 11 August 2017

Thy Art Is Murder

What’s in a name? King Parrot could be any kinda band, let alone a death metal band with a penchant for piss and jizz. They sure love dicks, though. Dicks and metal go hand in hand…er, well…you understand what I mean. But say “King Parrot” to anyone and they’ll look at you cock-eyed (lol) thinking its some kind of Totally Wild tribute polka band. Metal isn’t always metal, yanno. Anyway, here’s our Top Ten stories you may have missed this week:

Slattz Everyday Talks Through Ten Pounds of Shit In a Five Pound Bag

Oh, naughty, you mixed imperial with metric, there! Actually, no they didn’t

Thy Art Is Murder’s Dear Desolation is Beaut

Can’t wait till y’all hear it…

Peavy From Rage Spills The Beans on an Aussie Tour

Yeah, his publicist wasn’t thrilled.

Gravemind Opens The Deathgate For Us

Offers some tea and crumpets, innit?

Dear Seattle, We Listened, and We Laughed

So hard. Twas a fun ole thyme

Le Butcherettes Steal Sydney Solo Show

Cos they deserve it, dammit

Our Verdict on Neck Deep’s Peace and the Panic

Peace…MEAL? Umm, possibly

Justice For The Damned Give It Everything

And they still have MORE! Here, have these steak knives

Venom Inc Joins Better Riff-ness Bureau

It’s not an on-sold entity, that would attract capital gains tax

Freaky Darkcell Makes Video About Freaky Dudes

Yeah, well, they did.

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