TerrorThe Walls Will Fall

Pure Noise Records
April 28, 2017
Kings of Hardcore

Gluttony, thy name is Terror. It’s a boisterous sound in new EP The Walls Will Fall, rich and chunky and oh so very bad for you, Terror leave you crying for more. Indeed, why weren’t there more songs than the five released on this EP? Seems a shame to have a band with such a punishing and strong sound become complacent—or are they teasing us with the hopes of more? Whichever it is, you will want more because only Terror can cruise through five songs of relentless fury, chants and cries of the aggressive persuasion in this manner, all the while framing some gruelling guitar riffs and absolutely insane drum lines. Terror are seriously giving hardcore a terrifying stamp all their own. lacing a rich sound with some killer lyrics.  

Sadly, Terror do stumble over themselves in closer Step To You, losing a little of their edge to a fumbled rambling of a song but overall, it’s a great effort of a release and Terror do certainly still have plenty to show—for now, let’s enjoy this excellent slice of hardcore pie until we’re offered second helpings.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Balance The Odds, No Love Lost
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The Walls Will Fall is out now through Pure Noise Records

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