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RUDE Records
15 September, 2017
Suburban heartache

Australia is quickly becoming the world’s foremost authority on pop punk. Since Tonight Alive’s trailblazing emergence into the global octave-chord, gang vocal consciousness almost a decade ago (wow, we feel old), the stages of Warped Tour and the rosters of Hopeless Records and the like have been dominated by those bred in our capital city’s grim, self pitiable western suburbs. Following in the footsteps of With Confidence and recent Hopeless Records signees Between You & Me comes Sydney’s Stand Atlantic, next in line to take over. Sidewinder is the sound of love-sick summer nights, suburban heartache and long-standing friendships.

Sidewinder is the confident, self assured and proud EP the pop punk scene has longed for in recent years.

Unashamedly youthful riff-marathon Mess I Made is clearly informed by former stage sharers New Found Glory, and would sit in comfortably on the album Sticks & Stones if it weren’t for the squeaky clean 2017 production. Push takes on the classic acoustic-intro-into-palm mutes structure that has started mosh pits for decades now—a formula frontwoman Bonnie Fraser has breathed new life into with monolithic hooks that screams searing genuine emotion and vulnerability. Taking cues from A Day To Remember’s giant choruses and Fall Out Boy’s knack for nostalgia, Coffee At Midnight is a bittersweet banger that’ll surely close out the band’s sets for the near future, leaving faithfuls yearning for more.

Sidewinder is the confident, self assured and proud EP the pop punk scene has longed for in recent years. It takes cues from tried and true formulas, revitalising them with a wide-eyed and bubbly energy that’ll take the incredibly deserving crew to new heights of stardom.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Mess I Made, Coffee At Midnight & Chemical
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Listen to Bonnie Fraser takeover Hysteria Radio here!

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