ThresholdLegends of the Shires

Nuclear Blast
8 September, 2017
Bold undertaking of power and might

There’s nothing quite like a good story, especially one with a lilting narrative and bespoke hooks. If you’re after such a thing in music, look no further than Legends of the Shire, the latest offering from British prog-metal legends Threshold.

The bells of majesty toll as opener The Shire Part. 1 saunters with a lilting guitar melody and pensive tones from frontman Glynn Morgan. The hollow tones of whimsy that course through this track get you nestled nice and cozy before the saga of metal is unleashed.

The electronica that supports the heralding grind of guitars in Trust The Process is a combination of charm and creativity, an extended instrumental opener that paves the way for a curvaceous vocal melody, bending from the major to the minor—as the album’s standout track, nothing sounds sweeter. This album is a bold undertaking of power and might, each song carefully penned in an impressive telling of experimental sound collaborations.

That being said, though we all understand that progressive metal traditionally indulges in length and soaring running guitar lines, as a 14-track release, each song averaging about five minutes each, as good as Legends Of The Shires is there’s a sense of over-indulgence. Coursing through you may find your attention slipping. Best enjoy this metal tale a few chapters at a time.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Small Dark Lines, Trust The Process & Snowblind
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