KorpiklaaniLive At Masters Of Rock

Nuclear Blast
August 11, 2017
Finnish party folk

The Finnish party folk band Korpiklaani are a powerhouse to see live and they have finally decided to put that party vibe that comes along with one of their sets onto a live 2 disc DVD and CD for fans to relive any time they want.

The CDs are the focus in this review and they are an immense recording that clock in at around 144 minutes, as they feature not just one concert at Masters of Rock in 2016, but also a second from 2014.  As live albums go, the band have done everything they can to bring you all the emotions that one would experience at a Korpiklaani gig. They have set out to make it as raw as they possibly can by not editing out mistakes or issues at the gigs and they have achieved that task.

Forever bringing the party to their live sets, Korpiklaani don’t disappoint in their first ever live recorded concert, Live at Masters of Rock. Grab some beers and get ready to mosh around your living room to this fun album.

Both live shows cover a multitude of classics like Vodka, Rauta and Metsämies and it’s hard to not get these stuck in your head as you sing along with the anthemic choruses. It’s a fun album to listen to, with the banter from the band and the crowd participation, and it certainly transports you to their live arena. For those have witnessed Korpiklaani in action, you would no doubt experience a few pangs of melancholy while listening to this one, so crank it up and turn your lounge room into a mosh to get you by until the Finnish revellers hit the road again.

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STANDOUT TRACKS: Happy Little Boozer, Vodka & Tuonelan Tuvilla

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