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GYROSCOPE // Return From Hiatus With Double A-Side + Tour

Gyroscope are back! Their first new material since 2010, the Perth rockers today release double-A side Crooked Thought / DABS on the back of a massive national tour for early 2018.

The two songs are proof of life since the release of fourth album CohesionCohesion debuted at #3 on the ARIA Album charts, following up their #1 album Breed Obsession.

The singles are available via Universal Music Australia.

Dan Sanders (vocals/guitar) released this statement:

“I guess after a while you realise where things sit. You get some idea of how things work. So, you think you almost see reality for what it is. But how can you make sense of your own reality when your own reality doesn’t make any sense? I’m awakened now, you’re awakened now.

“For us it’s about trying to come up with some music that would inspire us enough to once again pick up the rock tools and head into the studio.

“This takes time.

“In regard to Gyroscope we all share the same drive to this day that drove us since the beginning. We get together on occasion for some boozy and slightly stoney evenings up at my home studio The Cabin. Sometimes through the thick haze and big beer walls we get a glimpse of an idea, and if we are lucky enough to persuade it a little, it grows.

“Plant, then reap what you sow. This is the season. This is our crop.

“The songs aren’t about anything in particular. Well, sort of. Some words mean some things to me. Some mean others.

“I’ll leave the meanings for you to figure out.

“Recorded in 2017 during a couple of rainy days in Perth with the infamous (meaning more than famous) Dave ‘Parko’ Parkin on board, we made a combined conscious effort to not fuck with a bunch of different guitar amps and try loads of weird sounds with these two songs. We didn’t go and try this and that in regard to overdubbing layers. We took a very live approach to it all from the get-go really. Necked some beers, plugged in and turned up… then turned up some more… then Parko would tell us to turn down… but we never did. You know?

“Whether you like or dislike any part of it, you’re the television. Told you we never broke up.”

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In celebration of their rebirth, they’ve organised a mammoth Tour of Crooked Thoughts.

Joining as main support is Adelaide’s Horror My Friend with local acts  Crum in Brisbane, Sweet Gold in Melbourne, Hatakaze in Sydney, The Best Extras in Adelaide and The Faim in Perth.

These are the first live performances since February 2016, playing the Prince of Wales Hotel in Bunbury, WA.

Gyroscope is Dan, Zoran Trivic (guitar/backing vocals), Brad Campbell (bass/backing vocals) and Rob Nassif (drums)

Tickets are on sale now.

WATCH > Snakeskin

Wed 10th Jan – Woolly Mammoth – Brisbane
w/ Horror My Friend and Crum
Thur 11th Jan – The Corner – Melbourne
w/ Horror My Friend and Sweet Gold
Fri 12th Jan – Oxford Art Factory – Sydney
w/ Horror My Friend and Hatakaze
Sat 13th Jan – The Gov – Adelaide
w/ Horror My Friend and The Best Extras
Fri 19th Jan – The Rosemount – Perth
w/ Horror My Friend and The Faim

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