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FrankenbokVicious, Lawless

July 14th, 2017
Better late than never

“Holy shit, this is Frankenbok?” is my first thought sticking Vicious, Lawless on the ol’ MP3 machine. Frankenbok kinda did a whole Machine Head 180, kicking their late-90s nu-metal roots to the kerb. What results is extraordinary. Sonics on Vicious, Lawless are stripped back to bare essentials. Grinding and trampling over Drive It Into The Ground, guitars take us back to when hardcore and metal floor-banged, spawning thrash.

After 20 years, Frankenbok have arrived at their bloodthirsty best.

It’s not all about the old school though. Insane and blast-beating Stalker, Stalker is a personal story told by OG ‘Bokker Azza Bok, a man whom I’d never hope to cross. Creeping stoner vibes waft through heavy jam Lifeline (Give ‘Em Enough Rope). Vo-killer Dan White (ex-Scar the Surface) inspires a tight “is this guy actually mental?” feeling in your chest like Peter Dolving (ex-The Haunted) used to once upon a time, especially through blaster PTSD. Leads are tight and riffs sweat bullets, even on Lone Ranger inspired Tombs of Solid Gold.  Track after solid track, this one. This shit is the real deal. After 20 years, Frankenbok have arrived at their bloodthirsty best.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Drive It Into The Ground, Lifeline (Give ‘Em Enough Rope), Tombs of Solid Gold
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