DROWN THIS CITY // Drowning Crowbar Brisbane With A Lesson In: How To Vocal

Drown This City + Save The Clock Tower + Skies Collide + Rare Words
Crowbar, Brisbane
Friday July 14

The Melbourne Post-Hardcore act Drown This City are currently hitting the road with Tasmania’s Save The Clock Tower and Brisbane is the first target on this tour with local acts Skies Collide and Rare Words.

It’s a chilly Friday night in Brisbane and I’m heading into Crowbar Black to get a sneaky drink before the first show of this tour kicks off in the dungeon downstairs and its clear that tonight is going to be a lesson in: how to vocal like a boss.

Local female fronted Skies Collide take to the stage next and the nights warming up nicely. Playing second on the bill on a Friday night can be quite rough with punters still turning up but this doesn’t stop Skies Collide from turning up the volume and enticing fans closer to the stage facing mosh pit territory.

These guys come together well with a Paramore-esque vibe, performing relatively tight with only a little scramble prior to one song with an intro issue, but these guys cover that well and blast into the rest of their set.

Skies Collide // by Rebecca Reid

However in my opinion, musically, these guys seem to be playing it rather safe and not venturing away from their comfort zone with what they are doing currently. There’s no doubt with the vocal ability of Brittany Wilson driving this band, these guys can push their boundaries and really create something special if they look a little wider in their musical spectrum. Definitely worth checking these guys out though if you like a little gritty attitude with your Pop Rock and a solid live performance.

Now the room is filling a little more, I can tell this because I am no longer complaining about the cold and the Save The Clock Tower fans are getting cozy in mosh pit, fantastic!

Save The Clock Tower are a band that will jump on stage and grab you by the throat in their intro… Not song number 1 on the set-list, their f**king intro… I like this.

I am captivated by the presence of Luke Vaessen’s emotional vocals with the bands ensemble building the room with tension. With the look of the fans around me, I am not alone. These guys bring Alt Metal to a new level with a pummeling live performance that you cannot leave in fear of missing a part of their show.

Save The Clock Tower // by Rebecca Reid

Normally I’m not afraid to take a sneaky trip to the bar during a bands set for a quick refill but I cannot leave this, my feet are cemented to the spot, Luke’s pitch perfect singing diving straight into brutal screams with the band leaping around as if the floor is all lava. Owen is beating the Sh*t out of those drums as if he’s one on one with Mayweather and his life depends on it, keeping your head banging to the heavy beats these guys are bringing.

YOU NEED to go and see Save The Clock Tower next time they are in your city. They are tight, energetic, melodic and their sub drops will fix any bowel movements you’ve had issues with… Its safe to say Brisbane enjoys these guys with fans opening up and throwing down, singing along and left wanting more.

Drown This City // by Rebecca Reid

By now the room is buzzing, we’re ready to see Drown This City hit the stage, which is still steamy from the intensity Save The Clock Tower brought to the show.

Bursting into their set, Drown This City hit the crowd strong from the get go. Alex Reade may be petite but her voice will destroy your face (#NoJoke), her stage presence is up front and center with her fans and the band back this up with a tight performance and great movement on the stage. There’s no need for crowd control at this show, Alex has got every punter in the room in the palm of her hand and she knows it.

This band jumps from a roaring aggressive attack on the senses with harsh screams and a jumpy upbeat chowdown of instruments precisely hitting every fans need for a cheeky mosh and head bang, right to catchy chorus’ where the fans gather at the front of the stage for a sing along with the band. Even with a bit of a rough front of house mix on this one, the band are still crushing and pitch perfect with ultimate appreciation by their fans as well as new fans getting in on the action.

Drown This City // by Rebecca Reid

Its now coming to the end of the set, the crowd are thirsty for one more song, one more chance for a sneaky dance getting in a trance of musical romance (I am a lyrical genius)… Alex decides to use the force like a f**king Jedi and closes the pit up, getting her fans up close and personal for one final barrage of their Post-Hardcore madness. Ending on their track ‘Empire’ was a good option as the Crowbar punters ended the night with whiplash and broken voices trying to keep up with the band as they closed the show with an intense composition of beat down and aggression to draw the first show of the tour to an intimate close.

Catch Drown This City & Save The Clock Tower at the following remaining dates:

Friday July 21, Enigma Bar, Adelaide SA (18+)
Saturday July 22, Workers Club, Melbourne VIC (18+)
Friday July 28, Brisbane Hotel, Hobart TAS (18+)
Saturday July 29, Club 54, Launceston TAS (18+)


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