Death From AboveOutrage! Is Now

Last Gang Records
8 September, 2017
Noisey, anthemic guitar punk

In what’s proven a stellar year for noisey, anthemic punk acts (see Priests, Japandroids, The Smith Street Band) Death From Above have unleashed an album that’ll join the ranks that’ll prove ‘guitar rock is dead’ naysayers wrong.

Carving a career fuelled with mystery and now legacy, Death From Above play on their strengths to craft exceptionally catchy, dance informed rock joints whilst drawing on a plethora of modern trends.

As a whole, Outrage! Is Now plays through like a sunset festival set. The dynamic ebbs and flows with enough energy to keep the kids in the front pushing and shoving, but inoffensive enough to keep bar line faithfuls entertained and subdued whilst waiting for their $15 Vodka & Redbull.

Opener Nomad is a no-bullshit cock rock power chord frenzy, with a ‘jump-the-fuck-up’ riff suggesting what Royal Blood would sound like if they played with their hearts and not their skinny jeans. Jaunty piano drenched Freeze Me and Caught Up pay homage to the band’s dance-punk tendencies with groove inducing frenetic high-hats that reverberate throughout the track.

Statues Jack Daniels soaked, dive bar swagger that’s equal parts ‘crackin a cold one with the boys’ as it is New York Soho music snob. All I C Is U & Me has a brattiness that screams Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack, written with a sophistication that punches above.

Outrage! Is Now may not achieve instant classic status You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine did, however, it’s a worthy addition to the Canadian duo’s short yet impactful discography that’ll see a continuation of their legacy.

STANDOUT TRACKS: All I C Is U & Me, Nomad, Statues
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Royal Blood, The Strokes, Cloud Nothings

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